Online French courses for au pairs

An adapted and flexible course plan

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The French au pair online programme:

A special programme for au pairs

About the online au pair course at Lyon Bleu International…

An au pair‘s schedule can be intense, and not always compatible with the organisation of a French class.
Lyon Bleu International provides an adapted and flexible online solution, specially designed for au pairs.

This course includes 14 lessons of 45 minutes per week with a blend of online group lessons with a teacher and tutored activities on a dedicated platform.
The course timetables have been specially chosen to fit in with the au pairs’ schedules.

This is a 12-week programme (including a 1 week break) with set starting dates to improve your level of French in the company of like-minded au-pairs from all over France.

The content of the programme has also been specifically designed to meet the needs of young “au pairs”:
– Everyday communication situations
– Practical, contextualised grammar
– Everyday vocabulary

You’ll be assigned to a French class that corresponds to your level after a placement test, and you’ll be able to progress at your own pace to higher levels.

To personalise and intensify your language training, you’ll have time for independent tutored work on our dedicated e-learning platform.

The online French au pair course is provided by our French school

Newdeal institut Bordeaux (KLF Group)

Online au pair course:


Beginner to advanced levels

From 16 years old

International classes


12 weeks

Set start dates

Adapted schedule


Online group lessons + tutored activities

14 lessons per week

(1 lesson = 45 minutes)

General French lessons

Price :
650€ for 12 weeks

Included in the programme

  • Placement test
  • Educational support from your teacher
  • Weekly tutoring
  • Class materials

All you need is a computer and a quiet place to study from!

Our online French course for Au Pairs has been designed to save you travel time and give you a learning context compatible with your Au Pair job.

There is no difference in terms of course content or delivery.
You will be in a group corresponding to your level, 100% of the time with your classmates and your teacher. The course is dynamic, varied and interactive between participants and with the teacher.

We discuss, ask questions, have fun and learn just like in a traditional classroom.

Lyon Bleu International will be your school, even if you take your courses remotely. Just like all our in-class students, you can come and meet us, take part in activities, sign up for face-to-face tutoring, meet other Lyon Bleu students, and more!

Our school is open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Students trained per year
Students per class max
People at your service
Label Qualité FLE Qualiopi
"Qualité FLE" accredited centre

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